What Is Steam?

The world of video games has adapted to better, more powerful video game consoles and PC gaming hardware. But for the most part, the culture and community of gamers has stayed the same over the last ten years. Once consoles allowed users to play against each other online, the gaming landscape changed forever.

From consoles to PC gaming, today the landscape is dominated by games with online interactions. This allows for more community, PvP (player versus player) battles that are more diverse than PvE (player versus environment). Overall, the internet has allowed gaming to have the culture that it does today.

One of the PC gaming programs that helps this community thrive is called Steam. It enables someone to make an account and download games from a vast library. Steam is one of the most commonly used programs for downloading PC games, both old and new. But there are still quite a few people out there that aren’t familiar with it.

Steam For PC

The iTunes Of Gaming

Perhaps the best way to think of Steam is as the “iTunes of gaming.” There are a lot of similar programs that also allow users to download games, but Steam is by far the most popular and it has the biggest library. There are all sorts of games available for download. Except for people who want to download games from Blizzard, like World of Warcraft and Diablo III, Steam is the most popular client for PC games.

Free And Buyable Games

Steam has an impressive selection of games.

You can find almost any game on Steam.

Part of what makes Steam so successful is that it has both free and buyable games available on its servers. Whether someone is just a casual gamer and wants to mess around with some free games, or wants to seriously invest and expand their library of games, Steam is great for just about anybody who has even a mild interest in PC gaming.

Old And New Games

The best part about Steam is that its library contains both old and new PC games. One of my favorite things about computer gaming is that old games never seem to go out of style. If you’re interested in the vast variety of different games that are available on Steam, you can download your favorite older games or try out some new ones.

Popular Games On Steam

Some of the most popular games on Steam at the moment include Call of Duty: WWII, Stellaris, and Far Cry 5. Call of Duty and Far Cry 5 are well known, but Stellaris is an interesting new real-time strategy game based in space. Because it looks like a mix between Homeworld and the Total War series, I plan on trying it.

Steam is a great way to stay connected to the world of PC gaming, even if you just want to play for a little while every now and again. Of course, there are plenty of serious gamers who already use it!