The Best High Tech Holiday Gifts

It’s holiday time again, which means you need to start shopping for your family. This year, tech gifts are going to be the most popular and everyone in your family will want their own unique electronics. If you feel uneasy about kids accessing the Internet on them, you can take a look at some of the best spy apps out there and download one on their phone. Check out these new gadgets, which are sure to be the most asked for tech gifts this year:

iPhone X

The iPhone X is at the top of everyone’s holiday wish list. This special 10th anniversary iPhone starts at about $1000, but it’s packed with the latest tech upgrades and features. Instead of the standard Touch ID, the iPhone X has Face ID. Face ID is a state of the art facial recognition scanner that unlocks the phone. The iPhone X also has a new retina display screen with no bezels, so it goes edge to edge for the best possible viewing experience. In addition, it can run many different programs, such as the best spy apps. This phone has loads of other upgrades, too, including updated cameras, more storage, and technology that’s completely unique to Apple. Even though the iPhone X has a high price tag, it’s already been selling out in many cities, so order it early if you plan to buy it for a gift.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro isn’t new, but the 10.5″ version is. This size makes it perfect for working on the go and watching TV and movies. The iPad Pro also has many other great features, like retina display, an updated camera, a better user interface, and longer battery life. Plus, it has the ability to use the 2-in-1 Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil can be used as a stylus, or for writing and drawing right on the screen. It can digitize notes and even run two apps, including the best spy apps, at the same time. Every student and business professional will want to get their hands on the 10.5” iPad Pro this holiday season.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo Dot makes a great gift.

The Echo Dot is a compact version of the regular Echo.

Amazon keeps making improvements to their wildly popular Amazon Echo. The 2nd generation Echo has incredible smart capabilities and an upgraded Alexa personal assistant. There’s even a version of the Echo with a screen, so you can watch videos and make video calls with it. Every modern home needs to have an Amazon Echo, in my opinion. Currently, Amazon is offering great deals on the Echo, so now is the perfect time to buy a few of them for holiday gifts.

Nintendo Switch

Known for its versatility, the Nintendo Switch is the perfect gift for any kids on your shopping list. Compared to other gaming systems, it’s relatively inexpensive. And, since it can be used as a console or a handheld system, it’s ideal for kids who want to play games while they’re on the go. Parents, on the other hand, are excited to buy a reasonably priced tech gift for all of their kids, so they won’t always fight over it.